Pricing Your Property To Sell

Determine the value of your Busselton propertyWhat is your property worth?

One of the most important decisions to make is the asking price of your property. Through local expert knowledge your Sales Consultant can establish a realistic appraisal for our home based on its location, size, age, features and other market variables, such as interest rates, demand and the availability of financing. The sale price of your home should be based on prices achieved recently for similar properties within your neighbourhood. Our Sales Consultants will provide you with a Current Market Analysis of properties similar to your own when completing a Market Appraisal.Question the motives of  anyone who may suggest you could obtain a higher price and ask what evidence they have to support their opinion.
Remember, the true value of your property will, ultimately, be determined by the purchaser and the purchaser will rely heavily on prices achieved recently by comparable properties.

What is a Market Appraisal?

A market appraisal is a Sales Consultant’s estimation of what your property would sell for if your property were to be put on the open market at any given time.
Current market appraisals are quite different to having your property valued. For more information on property evaluations, contact Opteon Property Group

Market appraisals offered by First National Real Estate Busselton are a combination of recent sales and properties for sale in the immediate vicinity with similar features and most importantly, the Sales Consultant’s expert experience in local property sales.

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Pricing for the Market

One key to obtaining a timely, successful sale is starting with a realistic asking price. Overpricing will lead to purchasers having higher expectations of your property. This leads to their disappointment and your lost opportunity.
If your home is correctly priced, it will make buyers feel they need to snap it up before someone else does. Buyers will quickly reject properties that perceive to be overpriced, which can extend the selling period. The longer your property is on the market the greater the chance of your property becoming stale in the minds of potential buyers.